Award-winning design from the UK to China

IDC China provides European design, engineering and new product development expertise coupled with the advantage of on the ground support for manufacturing in China. IDC was the first British product development consultancy in Shanghai, and IDC China, like its British counterpart, has already gained a reputation for award-winning product design.

Working in China for Western, Chinese and Multi-national clients, we are a trusted partner, designing products for manufacture in China and for commercial success both in China and overseas markets.

The growth of China as a manufacturing power house and increasingly as one of the world’s largest and fastest growing consumption markets will become an ever more important factor in the success of businesses over the next ten years.

We understand that many companies new to China need assistance adapting to these changes and taking advantage of China’s enormous opportunities. Whilst companies already working in China often struggle to find trusted, high quality, on the ground support in China.

IDC China can provide:

Globally supported product development programmes
World leading industrial design and engineering
Product design for commercial success in China
Supplier and product sourcing and validation
Trusted, reliable on the ground support

Breakthrough Innovation

EEA Haemorrhoid Stapler

EEA Haemorrhoid Stapler

Unlocking business opportunity

With continual strong economic growth, China has become one of the world’s largest and fastest growing marketplaces in the world. Western companies in a broad range of sectors cannot afford to ignore the potential for profit and growth which comes with success in China. However, it is often difficult to break into this market and distinguish products - among other issues, communication and cultural difficulties can make the process even more intimidating.

G4 Foot Drop Device

G4 Foot Drop Device

IDC China offers the full range of IDC’s services to Support Western and Chinese companies. These are tailored to deliver success in the lucrative Chinese market. And companies can be reassured of a trusted international partner, bridging the gap between western perceptions and Chinese realities.

With our local, international and national staff based in Shanghai, IDC China is well attuned to the needs of the domestic consumers and users offering the ability to design globally successful products.

With an identical quality certification and design process as the UK, IDC China can offer the same first class services, with the additional benefit of on the ground support in China.

Trusted support forChina manufacturing

On the ground manufacturing support

Manufacturing your products in China can offer dramatic cost savings and the ability to rapidly scale up production. However, finding suppliers, setting up production and verifying quality, can be time consuming, expensive and risky. Failure to find the right partner and failure to properly adapt your design to suit the manufacturer are two of the most common problems encountered. On top of that are concerns about confidentiality and IP protection.

IDC China offers a full design, sourcing and manufacturing process to remove time delays, while reducing costs and risks associated with setting up a Chinese manufacturing supply chain remotely. As a UK owned and managed business, we also understand the importance of looking after your IP.

Our local staff in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong can identify and audit suppliers, as well as assist with the negotiation of prices and delivery schedules. Once the order is placed, our China team will chase progress, validate moulding tools and check initial production. Our engineers can communicate directly with the production engineers to ensure smooth manufacture and production.

Flying senior staff backwards and forward to China is expensive, diverts resources and is no guarantee of success when faced with the cultural and language difficulties of China.

When it comes to manufacturing in China, we can help with:

Supplier sourcing and research
Full design for manufacture and assembly
Knowledgeable experts on the ground in China
Strict quality control procedures
Transparent start-to-finish sourcing and manufacturing
Customised service to work with your supply model
Projects supervised by IDC staff members based in China
On-going supplier audits and inspections
Shipping and logistics support

To hear more about how IDC can help your company in China, contact our China or UK office.

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